Our specialist rifles are built to customer requirements with the ultimate accuracy in mind.

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Most of our target and match rifles are built using the BARNARD ACTION, needing no introduction to the international target rifle world.


An all steel construction with all the components ground, honed and hand lapped after hardening to ensure precise fit.

A well designed cocking mechanism ensures extremely easy bolt opening and fast lock time.

A number of bolt face sizes are obtainable including .223 (5.56mm).

A change bolt and barrel system is also possible.

The 1.5 kg two stage trigger can be adjusted for length of pull and let off weight. A single stage trigger is available for those who prefer it.

BORDER or KREIGER stainless steel match grade barrels are by far the most popular.

We precisely chamber these to enhance R.G and N.A.T.O ammunition (refer to chamber listings).

In twist rates to suit specific ranges and bullet weights, or a compromise.

We make laminate or Walnut stocks, in standard or thumb hole, that can be accurately tailored to customers exact fit.

Adjustable stocks are also available.

We can supply McMILLAN 1411 ANSCHUTZ style with adjustable cheek piece and fully adjustable butt pad.

The BARNARD ACTION is well suited to our one piece bedding block, precisely machined from alloy, the bedding block is then glued into the wooden stock.

We can also conventionally pillar bed these actions.

We will construct target rifles using any components that will uphold our reputation for reliable, accurate rifles.

We can supply long range match rails for this action and many others.


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